Hardwood refinishing


Hardwood refinishing is an excellent service

When you have wood flooring, you'll need hardwood floor refinishing. This service helps keep your flooring in great shape and ensures they last a long time. It's cheaper than replacing your floors and gives you a fantastic finish when the service is done.

If you've never been through the refinishing process, this is a great time to learn more about it. It could be just what you need to give you the desired results. And it protects your floors against a shorter lifespan at the same time.

Choose the best services for your floor

Hardwood flooring gets plenty of benefits with wood floor refinishing. The beauty, durability, and lifespan you expect from the materials will continue. But there are more advantages to timely refinishing as well.

If you're changing your decor scheme simultaneously, you can choose another stain color and finish. A textured finish can help hide light scratches and scuffs. Your floors look and perform better as a result.

What you can expect with hardwood floor refinishing

Understanding how the service works is a big part of a successful flooring experience. For instance, after assessment and measurements, sanding is the first step. Next, we remove wear and damage by sanding floors down to a fresh layer of wood.

Then we refinish the floors with fresh stain, sealant, and texture. And when the process is complete, your floors will look like new. They'll be ready to serve you for many more years before you need to refinish again.



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More facts about the hardwood refinishing process

The time it takes to complete your hardwood floor refinishing depends on the materials you choose. But it can take longer if we have to repair subflooring before continuing the process. On average, wood floor refinishing can take between two to ten days.

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