Enjoy vinyl flooring in every room

Sheet vinyl flooring is an excellent material that does so much for every room of your home. You'll find the beauty and durability work well together. And with all the suitable options, it offers a great lifespan too.

If you've never experienced these floors, now is a great time to learn more about them. It could help you choose the best surfaces for every need and preference. So, discover why this could be your best flooring choice.

Visuals for an excellent decor match

Every room has its decor scheme, and vinyl sheet flooring can meet them all. You'll enjoy the best match with extensive colors, designs, and textures. These floors mimic natural stone, wood, and tile, with impressive realism in each one.

Trends also have a lot to offer for sheet vinyl flooring, mainly when they best cater to your interior design. This year, many options are trending in each look represented here. For instance, you'll appreciate a whitewashed wood trend and one that looks like marble.

When durable flooring is necessary

No matter how much in-house traffic you have, durability is always important. The more durable vinyl flooring is, the longer it will last. And these floors offer lifespans that can exceed 15 years or more.

You'll appreciate the complete waterproof protection if you have pets or children. That means you'll never have to worry about water damage in any room. A lack of seams helps solidify this benefit, as no liquids can seep beneath the surface.

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Installing sheet vinyl flooring

A professional installation protects this investment better than any other. Since a single sheet can cover most average-sized rooms, measurements must be precise and perfect. Our vinyl sheet installation team has training, experience, and all the most up-to-date tools.

We'll give you all the details before we start the process. And we'll tell you what you can do before your installers arrive. So, if you have questions, this is a great time to ask.

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At New Day Floors LLC, we have a reputation for excellence in flooring. Our goal is your complete flooring perfection, no matter how large or small the remodel. Share all your flooring dreams with us so we can take care of bringing them to life.

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Vinyl in San Antonio, TX from New Day Floors LLC

The future of flooring

The trending floor covering. Some even call it "the future of flooring".

The WPC Vinyl is the most popular material for various reasons.

1. It’s a type of luxury vinyl but WATERPROOF!! Yes, it won’t ripple, swell, or peel regardless of the amount of liquid poured onto it.
2. Beautiful and requires little or no maintenance.
3. Contains the same layer of the traditional vinyl; which will resist to dents, scratches, tears, you name it.
4. Cheaper; which makes it more affordable and adjustable to any budget. Perfect for pet lovers and high traffic.

Transform your home/business by opting for high-quality WRC vinyl flooring

As one of the most versatile, functional, and aesthetically pleasing flooring trends of 2020,WPC vinyl flooring has been taking San Antonio and New Braunfels by storm. The 100% waterproof material features a special waterproof core that makes it ideal for any residential or commercial space.

If you’re tired of the bleak and uninspiring hardwood flooring in your home/office, switching to WPC vinyl flooring will help you make the most aesthetic appeal and little to no maintenance for years to come.

Unlike the large majority of flooring options, WPC vinyl doesn’t ripple, peel, or swell despite being exposed to large quantities of water. Its dent-resistant properties make it ideal for spaces that are prone to sustaining scratches and tears.

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