Where to install SPC flooring?

Where to install SPC flooring?

Stone Polymer Composite or SPC flooring has been around for decades; however, it has recently seen a revival—along with hardwood and vinyl flooring—as we move toward reforestation and look for sustainable alternatives to solid wood flooring. Be that as it may, SPC is in a league of its own because it offers the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality—not to mention cheaper than both tile and wood. While it is a good fit for both residential and commercial properties, let’s discuss some other spaces where you can make the most of SPC flooring.

Medical settings

Places like hospitals see a continuous influx of people, which makes them a heavy-traffic area. SPC is perfect for such sites because it has a wear-resistant top vinyl layer. Moreover, this flooring-type has resin in it, making it antistatic and ensuring smooth-running electricity and seamless lab-tests. SPC can also be made soundproof by adding a third layer underneath the top two, which has the added effect of softening the ground.

Residential and commercial bathrooms

Bathrooms are the dampest parts of the house, so they require flooring that can take that onslaught and remain unaffected for a long time. The vinyl top layer and limestone core of SPC flooring are waterproof, meaning they do not break under standing water, nor do they promote slippage. What also makes SPC perfect for residential bathrooms is that it is easy to install; however, you are better off letting us take over if it is a larger, commercial-scale bathroom.

Residential kitchens

Kitchen maintenance entails hygiene; it goes without saying that the floor should be easy to clean. SPC flooring has a top wear layer on top of its vinyl, making it resistant to stains and scratches. Its fireproof nature makes it a must-have for as fire-prone a place as a kitchen. It is also durable and easy to replace, which means repair work does not get in the way of a kitchen’s daily operations.


SPC is custom-built for heavy-duty usage, which means it can hold under the weight of weightlifting equipment and commercial cardio machines. Gyms can also get really noisy due to all of that weight getting thrown around, so they could use a soundproof underlayer.


Areas like the cafeteria, gym, music and classrooms can get quite noisy, so they could benefit a great deal from SPC soundproofing. Generally, schools could use an anti-scratch and stain surface. The cafeteria, in particular, requires a surface that is resistant to spill-slips.

SPC Flooring in Converse, TX

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