Durability test: Hardwood vs. laminate flooring

Durability test: Hardwood vs. laminate flooring

There are various flooring options out there, and choosing the best one for your home can be a bit of a daunting task. Solid hardwood flooring has quickly become the flooring choice for most homeowners, and laminate flooring has emerged as a cheap alternative. Hardwood boards are ¾ inches thick and are cut from different trees, depending on the color you want. Both hardwood and laminate flooring have their pros and cons.

Major differences

Solid hardwood boards are milled to have a smooth top and grooved edges to different boards together and hold them in place. They’re nailed into the subfloor and varnished after installation. Laminate flooring has a core fiberboard layer that’s made from wood byproducts. This is covered by a design layer that’s painted to look like wood or other materials. The design layer is then protected from scratches and stains using a clear layer on top. These boards are thinner in comparison and require no glue or nailing for installation.

Heat and water resistance

Solid hardwood doesn’t hold up well against water. It can easily be damaged by standing water or floods and isn’t even typically installed over concrete slabs. Installing hardwood over radiators and other heating systems isn’t recommended either. The heat causes the boards to shrink, causing the joints to open up. Laminated floors are stain and water-resistant. However, water can get in between the joints of the planks and swell up the fiberboard so it’s not recommended for wet areas either; however, humid conditions are fine.


Hardwood flooring lasts a really long time—up to a hundred years. Unusual circumstances such as floods can destroy hardwood floors. Depending on the wear and tear, it’ll need periodic resealing and finishing. The floor can also be sanded down up to three to four times in case of damage. Laminate flooring lasts a maximum of a decade, and replacement is the only way to go when it’s ruined. Water infiltration, UV rays, and scratches can ruin it over time. Now that you’ve learned all about the differences between these two flooring options,New Day Floors LLC can help you install them! We are one of the leading flooring companies in San Antonio and love helping people upgrade their homes. We ensure you receive the most cost-effective flooring solutions customized according to your goals. We also offer a variety of flooring other options like tile flooring, hardwood flooring, converse vinyl flooring and stone flooring in San Antonio. Contact us today.