3 Flooring ideas for your kitchen

3 Flooring ideas for your kitchen

It's somehow easier to decide which floor to get for your bedroom or living room because you don't have to think beyond the aesthetics. But when it comes to kitchen flooring, you have to think about durability, functionality, cleanliness, and appearance. That can make for a tough choice, but not with our help. Here are some flooring ideas for your kitchen that’ll be a winner.

White laminate

If you’re a cleanliness freak, you’d want flooring that looks spic and span 24/7. White laminate flooring gives your kitchen a clean, coastal vide that looks as dainty as it is clean.

The classic white environment can be infused with colors with backsplash, flowers, colorful curtains, area rugs, and furniture. The contrast it creates is a sight to behold! White laminate also creates the illusion of light and space, which instantly makes the kitchen look more spacious. You don't have to be mopping all the time to keep the kitchen clean; the smooth surface is resistant to stains and wipes easily.

Bright vinyl

Hardwood and concrete floors may have been popular among urban dwellers for their aesthetics and durability, but they’re not for everyone. While those flooring options are excellent in their own regard, they have some cons too. Hardwood floors are harder to maintain because they're prone to water damage and concrete floors cause severe injury upon impact and can be harder to clean. That’s why vinyl flooring is an ideal option on those fronts. You choose colors from a range of muted pastels to earthy shades that pair well with wood. As far as the color scheme goes, vinyl offers more options than any other flooring type. Apart from that, you don’t have to worry about water damage because the paneling is waterproof. This makes cleaning easier and staining rare.

Patterned tiling

Geometric patterns offer a spirit to your kitchen that resembles that of modern interiors. Your kitchen will look straight out of a magazine with tiling that’s creatively arranged in geometric patterns, giving the floors an intriguing appeal.

Hexagonal tiling was all the rage in 2018 and took the industry by leaps and bounds because every homeowner wanted to upgrade their kitchen floors with this. You can mix and match different shades or textures to create unique patterns of your own. You can also demarcate portions in your kitchen by alternating between different tiles. For instance, the sitting area under the counter space can be tiled differently compared to the cooking station. This implicitly creates order and organizes your kitchen better. Are you seeking flooring services in your area? Whether it be for installation or repairs, you can call New Day Floors LLC anytime for all kinds of flooring services. We specialize in all kinds of flooring, including laminate flooring, ceramic tiling, vinyl flooring and more. Call them today at (210) 549-3439.